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Flights to Tallinn

As the rates are usually high, we would like to save you money by not booking your plane tickets. To make it easier for you, we will provide you with easily accessible links where you can find the fastest and cheapest route to Tallinn.

The best way to quickly find a cheap flight is to use the following two websites where search engines do all the work for you.

From everywhere:   Travel Jungle
From everywhere:   Travel Supermarket


Here are some more airlines that can help you get to Tallinn swiftly:

Airlines flying to Tallinn
Estonian Air (Gat)
EasyJet (Stansted)
CSA (via Prague)
Finnair (to Helsinki)
LOT Polish air (via Warsaw)

These airlines are more expensive but have good destination coverage:

From everywhere

Besides that, it is also possible to come here through Helsinki by plane, helicopter, or a high-speed boat.

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