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Terms and Conditions

1.Submission of the online booking form by the interested person(s) (hereinafter “the client” or “you”) is considered as an invitation for TallinnExpress  LLC (Mereranna street 26, Haabneeme, Viimsi district, Harju County, Estonia; ) (hereinafter “TallinnExpress”) to make an offer for organising package of various activities for the respective client. After receipt of such request TallinnExpress compiles a preliminary list and time scheduale of events and other services for the client. This list is considered as confirmation of booking and is accompanied with these Terms & Conditions and an invoice for commencement fee plus preliminary payment in the amount of 25% of the total amount of services. By making such payment the representative of the client confirms that client (all persons of the team) have accepted these Terms & Conditions.

2.Nothing happens before the first invoice is paid. If after 5 working days from the sending of the offer and issuing of the invoice for prepayment via e-mail the respective invoice has not been paid, TallinnExpress cancels the preliminary reservations for the events. In such case the parties consider that the offer was not accepted and TallinnExpress will not take any further actions.

3.TallinnExpress operates with 25% prepayment  policy. This makes things easier for all. We require a 25% prepayment for the services intermediated and for the organisational services provided by TallinnExpress to be on our account at least 20 days before the arrival date of the client.  In case you decide not to come or do not make the payment in advance the services are not offered and the first prepayment invoice (25%) fee is not returned. After receipt of the payment of the first invoice and after the confirmation of the events and the time schedule by TallinnExpress we issue you the final invoice with confirmation regarding receipt of the first payment, and the exact time schedule of the events (the event plan). The final invoice for the 75% of the fees can be paid on our account before  arrival or on arrival as well.

4. If you wish to make any changes in the event plan you must inform us of such wish via e-mail within 3 days after the e-mailing of the event plan to the representative(s) of the client. We always make our best to help you, but any later changes are made only if they are possible and for additional fee of EUR 15 per change per person.

5.All cancellations must be received by us in writing via e-mail. If TallinnExpress receives the written notice of cancellation less than 72 hours prior to your planned arrival we will charge a cancellation fee equal to the full amount paid.

6. If any of the events in the event plan is weather dependent and the weather conditions are such as the event is cancelled by the service provider we will try to reschedule the event for no cost, offer you an alternative event or refund you the fee of the event in cash as decided by the parties together.

7. We guarantee that the events we supply are in accordance with the description on our website. We update our website regularly if changes occur.

8. It might happen that our partner is not able to offer you the service it obliged itself to provide. In such case we will inform you as soon as possible and change your event plan by replacing the event or provider of the event. In any case we will do our best for you to enjoy your stay.

9. You must make sure that all members of your team are over the age of 18.

10. You may be asked to sign disclaimers prior to the events if so required by the service provider. Consider this as the prerequisite for having fun safely, read the documents carefully and sign them at your own risk. There may also be some special restrictions for the respective event that you must check from our website before making the reservations.

11. You are expected to respect Estonian environment and other people around you.

12. We are responsible for the actions and failures of our people, but you are responsible of your own actions. You must cover all the damages you cause. In case you cause damages to the provider of any services or events other than TallinnExpress you will be in direct relations with the respective company and we are not able to help you out of such trouble, so try to behave decently. In case such problems arise you will be responsible for any costs you incur and you will not be entitled to any refund regarding the same or other events if you are not able to participate.

13.  It is better that you have a health or life insurance that covers also health risks. You must have a valid passport and entry visa if necessary which must be valid for 6 months beyond your date of return. As Estonia is part of the EU it is generally quite easy for a EU citizen to get here. We will not offer refunds if any or all the event are cancelled because of missing or incorrect documentation.

14. By making the first payment you agree that the information you provide us may be passed to service providers, travel companies, insurers, and public authorities if so required or decided by TallinnExpress. We may use your contact details to send you e-mails regarding our services.

15. TallinnExpress does everything possible to guarantee the high quality of services it advertises and intermediates. TallinnExpress is not responsible of any breach of the contracts by the client or the event provider whom TallinnExpress works as an agent. All disputes between you and the service provider are settled between those parties. TallinnExpress helps its clients to a reasonable extent to settle such disputes if possible.

16.Clients will compensate all additional costs related to the fact that their flight was delayed, cancelled or to other reasons that the clients are not in the location of the event for the agreed date and time. In case any of the events scheduled are therefore or of any reasons missed TallinnExpress will not compensate such costs. In such case if clients wish to reschedule some or all of the events TallinnExpress will try to do so if this is currently possible, but the clients may have to pay additionally for those services.

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