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Kevin– 18 May 2011

“We all had a superb time in Tallinn, it’s a very beautiful place. ATV safari was fun and Night of pleasures really was full of pleasures! I would have no hesitations in recommending your company to others!”

Charlie – 6 May 2011

“I’m just writing to thank you for the amazing weekend in Tallinn. I would like to turn everyone’s attention to the 007 Fancy Casino Night that you offered us. We all had the best time at that night and we’d like to recommend it to others also. Sailing on the sea and having a picnic there was just the beginning and we couldn’t even imagine what the night brings. It gave us a great opportunity to visit a casino in Tallinn. The dinner was great and the entertainment program was more than enjoyable. Some of us even had some luck in playing. After that our way led to a strip club- that was a night we’ll never forget. All of my friends were amazed from this weekend and we still can’t get over it. We’ll definitely come back one day. ”


Ben – 28 April 2011

“Military academy, intro diving and casino night – can say no more….our Rep Liis was absolutely fantastic, things were running smoothly….thank you TallinnExpress for this wonderful weekend!”


Pete – 15 March 2011

“I’d like to say many thanks to TallinnExpress for this awesome weekend we had in Tallinn. The location of the hotel was perfect, everything was close at hand- the shopping centre, night clubs, the old town. The events you offered were really exciting, especially Jet Ski Safari- an hour full of adrenaline on the jet ski and the hot sauna after that with cold beer made up a great day. Another extremely good experience was Russian Special- traditional Russian and vodka were followed by the striptease of hot Russian girls.It was really a wild night. From the organisational point of view everything worked as clockwork. We are more than satisfied with Triin who looked after us, took us to the best night clubs in Tallinn. Thank you all for this unforgettable weekend in Tallinn. We would certainly use your company again or recommend your services to others.”

Nick – 20 July 2010

“Just like to say a big thank you for everybody at TallinnExpress! We all had a great time, our rep Karin was very „patient” with us…many thanks to you Karin!!! Kiss-Kiss-Bang-Bang package was a lot of fun and the water-lesbian-show was worth of waiting!!.”


James – 14 July 2010

“I think that I speak for everyone that we had an absolute outstanding time, there was nothing that went wrong from start to finish. The strippers were great…the rep was great….the clubs were great! we’ll come back…that’s for sure!!”


Mark – 28 June 2010

“Thanks for a great weekend – everything was well organised, airport transfers were on time and hassle free, clubs were awesome…and the girls…you know what i’m talking about!!!!”


Jason – 13 June 2010

“What can i say….big thanks to everybody who made possible the best stag party we’ve ever had!!!”


David – 8 June 2010

“Tallinn was great. People were very friendly and our rep Triin was fantastic..and gorgeous. So were the strippers.”


Stewart – 28 May 2010

“We all had great fun and an excellent experience. The hotel was good quality for our needs, friendly and helpful. The rep taking us into town was a great idea and made us feel relaxed in Tallinn, plus she was very helpful on the local hot spots. Everything was running smoothly and the lads were really enjoying theirselves. The stripclub and the amazing water-lesbian-show was 10 out of 10…The whole weekend was a great success and this was down to your company makeing the arrangments and the rep organisation skills.”


Sam – 28 September 2010

“The lads and I had a fantastic time in Tallinn last week, everything was brilliant…Thanks to Mari from the lads for all the work she put in, from helping with the transfer to helping the guys get the money exchanged… Good job you guys! ”


Lewis – 26 January 2010

“We had an excellent time in Tallinn. Many thanks to TallinnExpress for a great weekend!!! ”


John – 08 January 2010

“A fun time had by all. Pub crawl, dr death’s military academy….would like to thank our rep Liis who was really a big help to us not only by showing us the best pubs and clubs, but by partying with us as well! ”


Mark – 28 December 2010

“Last weekend was absolutely fantastic! Didn’t see any snow but the pleasure night made us forget about the christmas! Merry Christmas to Anna!”


Clive – 18 December 2010

“Tallinn is a fantastic place! So many friendly people and the clubs are top-notch as well… stag party was amazing, too bad I cannot remember a big part of it :)


Stephen – 12 November 2009

“The stipclub event was pretty awesome…nice strippers and great shows..the lads and I really loved it! Definately will go back there.. ”


Jamie – 06 November 2009

“On behalf of my friends and I, can I please pass on our thanks to our guides Liis and Mary, the holiday wouldn’t have been as good as it was without the two of you! TallinnExpress is lucky to have guides like these working for them…anyway, we had a great time and we’re planning to visit Tallinn again someday soon!”


Will – 27 October 2009

“Had a top time, our rep Anna took care of it!!! ”


Neil – 18 October 2009

“10/10 for everything….would recommend the archery, dr death and pleasure night….the last one really takes the pressures off from heavy drinking… ”


Chris – 05 September 2009

“Absolutely marvellous weekend! The rep was great, dr death was explosive! ”


Brian – 22 August 2009

“Our holiday lasted for 5 days but I cannot say that I felt boredom for once..tallinn is a great place to discver, specially at night! Cheers! ”


John – 13 August 2009

“These kind of organisatsions make the holiday really nice and smooth. We enjoyed sailing on the gulf of Tallinn and 5 of us did the parachute jump as well. i wasn’t one of them, im scared of the heights but the view was exciting enough for me. quad biking was pretty intense on a rainy day…..tallinnexpress did a good job, would recommend it any time!”


Dave – 04 August 2009

“Everything was on time and as expected. Not one bad word for TXP! ”


Carl – 26 July 2009

“Hi guys, thanks for everything..wanna thank our guide Anna who came out with us one day, it was a lot of fun!”


Max – 25 July 2009

“Stag party in Tallinn rocks! ”


Ian – 17 July 2009

“The whole weekend was a great success. Tallinn is great in the summer, we didn’t see one cloud in the sky during the weekend…or maybe we were so wasted that we couldn’t tell the difference…. ”


Murray – 11 July 2009

“Pleasure night, pub crawl and casino night…we did them all and are very satisfied…erotic massage is an experience you will never forget….would recommend the company any time!”


Michael – 24 June 2009

“We were a group of 20, not an easy group to handle but our guide did a good job and none of us didn’t get arrested! And thats something !!! ”


Harry – 18 June 2008

“These 3 days in Tallinn were unforgettable…so much fun! everybody were happy with the organising…recommend the clubs, beautiful girls guaranteed! ”


Ben – 03 June 2008

“Tallinn is a great place.. the clubs and the bars are really enjoyable….me and the lads had a lot of fun there. many thanks to ou rep Anna, she was great! ”


Timothy – 23 May 2008

“I would definately use your company again…and I would really like to visit Tallinn someday soon. ”


Mike – 08 May 2008

“Our guide was wonderful and overall we had a great time. football match was fun, esp. after the pub crawl ;)


Simon – 28 April 2008

“What a fantastic weekend! When I think about the trip i cannot stop laughing…just great!”


Damon – 23 April 2008

“The holiday was fantastic, me and the lads wish to thank all the good people at TallinnExpress who arranged for us the best stag party ever!!! ”


Billy – 17 March 2008

“As we arrived to the airport, sexy guides as promised were there to greet us. First impression – great! Everything else was at the top of the game too..all the activities and the reps, it all just worked out fine… I lost 2 pairs of underwear there and I cannot say that I have any idea how I managed to do that!?! Ok I might have some idea….:)”


Julian – 04 March 2008

“Keep up the good work TallinnExpress! ”


Michael – 18 February 2008

“The booking process and the communication process was easy and smooth. No delays and no bullshittin, just pure fun !! !! ”


D. – 12 February 2008

“Yeeeeeaaaaahhhhh what a trippp……I can still feel the VIBE…cant you?!? ”


Adam – 05 February 2007

“Still recovering today – I got back home 2 days ago already…I think I’d better not drink for a long time…not before Friday for sure ;) Tallinn is a nice place and cheap too!”


Graham – 15 January 2007

“We saw all the bars we wanted to see! Dr. Death and quad biking was a lot of fun as well.. great trip I must say! ”


Andy – 08 January 2007

“What can I say? People were so friendly there and everything went down as surprises…not bad ones anyway ;)


John – 04 January 2007

“Outdoor karting was fun! We all had a good time and I believe that wasn’t the last time we were visiting Tallinn…”


Gary – 28 December 2007

“Trip was great, we all had good fun. pub crawl and casino night +++ ”


Richard – 23 December 2007

“Triin I will come back for you!!! :) im talking about our rep who was amazing….sweetest girl ever! ”


Edward – 21 December 2006

“The trip started with a limo transfer from the airport. It took us to the hotel and a few moments later we were all going crazy on quad bikes! Later that night we enjoyed the water-lesbian show in one stripclub and from that moment on i cannot remember much more…what cannot be remembered didn’t happen, right!? our rep Mari was great too. would recommend txp any time to you all! ”


Bill – 08 December 2006

“The hotel was great and the rep was very friendly. Didn’t have any problems and any delays, everything worked as clockwork. Nice! ”


Robbie – 16 November 2006

“hmm…tallinn was nice and the people were nice as well. and the girls – fantastic! who’s been there knows what im talking about… ”


Samuel – 03 November 2006

“What a town! the whole group had a fantastic time…the activities are a lot of fun really…go-karting and shooting were my favourites. ”


David – 16 October 2006

“Fun, fun fun!!! The best part of this kind of trip is that you dont have to worry about anything, everything is already being taken care of! Many thanks to our rep Triin who made it all happen…. ”


Scott – 11 October 2006

“We all had an absolutely awesome time. Paintball was a lot of fun, especially the part where i got a hit in my face and i wasnt wearing any protection :) Totally happy with everything! ;) ) ”


Michael – 09 October 2006

” To sum my holiday in Tallinn i think the best word to describe it was…SUPERB! ”


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